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J.R. & Associates is an Independent Insurance agency helping people protect their property, assets and loved ones.

Insurance Associates WorkingWe specialize in Home, Auto, Commercial, Flood, and Life Insurance Products. We are committed to excellence. Along with qualified professionals and years of experience we are here to guide clients in regards to their Insurance needs.

We are aware of how complex purchasing insurance may be and at the same time each individual has a specific need. That’s why we are here to make that process a lot easier and at the same time provide you with adequate coverage and the correct protection.

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your biggest investment. Florida is a very active state in terms of Tourism, visitors and extreme weather. These and many other factors make it extremely important to obtain homeowners insurance that inappropriately aligns with your needs. Learn More.

Auto Insurance

Florida ranks third in the nation for automotive vehicle accidents. This is due to the many factors such as vacation travel, population and more… There is also a high rate of uninsured motorists in Florida. You need to ensure that you carried the right auto insurance coverage to adequately fix and/or rplace your vehicle in the event of an accident. Learn More.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is probably one of the most misunderstood coverage that Florida residents and vacation up homeowners overlook. With the many waterways surrounding Florida, we are extremely susceptible to flooding. In the event of a flood, many homeowners are left surprised that they don’t carry the appropriate coverage to protect their homes and belongings. Don’t get blindsided by an adequate coverage. Learn More.

Commercial (Business) Insurance

Because Florida’s does not have a big corporate business industry, there are many small to midsize businesses throughout Florida. Florida does have many service-based businesses catering to our individual needs such as air conditioning, lawncare, pool maintenance, plumbing, cleaning, and on and on… Many Florida residents are self-employed. It’s a people helping people industry. If you live in Florida and are reading this, there’s a good chance that you are one of them. If so, you need to Learn More.

Life Insurance

Accidents happen, and with Florida being such an active state, they happen here more than most places in the nation. Many of us have families and financial obligations. Although we are reluctant to think about it, what day we won’t be here to take care of our families and financial obligations. Life insurance provides us with the means to protect our loved ones in the event that we are not here to. Learn More.

Boaters Insurance

Florida has more boats/boaters van any other place in the nation. With this statistic, it stands to reason that there are more boat accidents in Florida than any other place in the US. In addition, there is a high rate of boat theft in Florida. For these reasons, you need to ensure that you and your investment is adequately protected. Learn More.

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J. R. & Asociados es una agencia independiente de seguros ayudando a las personas a proteger suSE-HABLA-ESPANOL Propiedad, Bienes y Seres queridos.Nos especializamos en seguros del hogar, automóvil, comerciales, de inundación, y seguros de vida. Estamos comprometidos ala excelencia. Junto con profesionales cualificados y años de experiencia, estamos aquí para guiar a los clientes en cuanto sus necesidades de seguros.

Somos conscientes de cómo difícil puede ser la compra de un seguro y al mismo tiempo que cada individuo tiene una necesidad específica. Es por eso que estamos aquí para hacer que ese proceso sea más fácil y al mismo tiempo ofrecerle una cobertura adecuada y la mejor protección.

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